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Who Are We

We are a small team passionate about the world of hindu mythology, our itihasa from the ancient hindu scriptures and text, and we are obsessed with bringing these stories to the fore, and create awareness among the people, across the world!


What We Do

Digital Content

We started off as content creator 'The Eternal Epics' on Instagram & Facebook, wherein we brought to the fore stories from the ancient hindu texts to read in short & easy format with attractive illustrations.


Posters, bookmarks, notepads and more, we got you covered! With specially designed items with our beloved gods and goddesses, for everyone to own!


Our channel 'The Eternal Epics' on YouTube brings to life the ancient hindu stories in video formats, especially catering to those who absolutely dislike reading!


For those who want to have the stories readily available to read, we have a bank of e-books ready for them! 


Seminars and webinars with sessions of storytelling & video content to discus, dissect and understand our ancient hindu stories better.


For book lovers who have to have their books in hands to read, we also have our paperbacks (printed books). 

Get in touch

Like what you see? Great, we are open for projects & collaborations as well!

Or there is something that you want to share with us?

Connect with us here.

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