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Story of Ayyappa's birth

There are far too many legends associated with the birth of Ayyappa. Some mention killing of asuras, some talk about the union of none other than Shiva and Vishnu while others still talk of him as a historical figure and mention him to be the adopted son of a king from south India. All equally interesting, but we have covered the one dealing with Shiva and Vishnu in this post. Read on the know what exactly happened...


As per one legend, Ayyappa is the son of Mohini (the female avatar of Vishnu) and Shiva. Vishnu had taken the form of Mohini to defeat the evil Bhasmasura. Shiva was enchanted with this form, his seed spilt and thus Ayappa was born.

Ayyappa is referred to as Hariharaputra - son of Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara).

The birth of Ayyappa was no chance, however but all part of the ineffable plan.

We all know of the wicked Mahishasura, who was killed by none other than Durga. To avenge his death, his shape-shifting she-buffalo sister Mahishi went on a mad rampage against the devas, who had combined their energies to create Durga in the first place.

Mahishi was blessed with a boon from Brahma that she would be virtually indestructible except for the child of Shiva & Vishnu, the chances of which were obviously considered nil. And so Ayyappa was born and later went on to slay Mahishi.

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