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Saints of India: Tulsidas (Part 02)

Saints of India: In the second post, we will see a miracle happening, when the god Rama decided to take matters in his own hands to help and protect his ardent devotee - sant Tulsidas.


Sant Tulsidas threw himself completely in the worship of god. The poetry or devotional songs written by him spread across the country and he became extremely famous.

He set up an ashram where he did discourses, shared food, and encouraged all to take the path to devotion of god.

Rich-poor, men-women, young-old...people from far and wide came to visit him at his ashram. And along with them they brought all sorts of offerings - from food and edible items to even money, gold and precious stones!

But none of it mattered to Tulsidas, he was just engrossed in the path of bhakti (devotion). So much so, that inspite of having so much valuables at the ashram, he never locked any doors!

Once, a pair of crooks decided to steal from the ashram. As the ashram was always open, they creeped in at night, filled their bags with valuables and tried to flee. But alas, they saw two archers at the door! They waited for a long time but the archers did not move an inch.

Finally, dawn arrived and people started filing in the ashram for the morning aarti. And, all of a sudden the archers disappeared!

Scared to death, the thieves threw themselves at the feet of Tulsidas and told him everything that had happened.

They were very curious to know who the two archers were, who had apparently vanished into thin air!

At once, Tulsidas realised his saviours - none other than Shri Rama and his brother Lakshman himself had descended to the earth to protect him!

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