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Saints of India: Tulsidas (Part 01)

Saints of India: In this new series, we will be covering the life and times of some of the famous saints of India.

The first one covered in this post is saint and poet Tulsidas - in this article we will see how Tulsidas was initiated into the world of bhakti (devotion).


Sant Tulsidas was a well-known saint and poet, and an ardent devotee of Shri Rama, famous for his version of the. Ramayana.

In fact, many people even consider him to be an incarnation of none other than Valmiki himself!

An interesting story which turned Tulsidas' life upside down, goes like this.

Tulsidas was extremely devoted to his wife whom he loved dearly.

Once he was out for some work, when his wife went to her mother's house for a while.

On returning back late in the evening, he could not find his wife anywhere which made him extremely restless.

On enquiring with his parents who lived with him, he came to know about his wife's whereabouts. And at once, he began walking to his wife's maternal house which wasany kilometers away!

Finally, he made it and reached the house. But since it was very late in the night, all the doors of the house where shut.

Now Tulsidas was in a fix. Having come all the way here, he just simply couldn't leave without meeting his wife!

He looked around a bit, and finally saw an open window with a rope hanging on it.

He thus climbed the rope and made his way inside the house.

On hearing the noise made by him, several servants came running only to be surprised to find son-in-law of the house entering through a window! Anyway, his wife was called, and to whom he told his adventures of the night.

His wife got suspicious about the a rope just hanging by the window and went out to check it out. And what did she find? It was not a rope, but a SNAKE!

At the moment, his wife chided him over it and mentioned if he had shown this amount of devotion to god, he would have definitely achieved salvation.

He considered his wife's words and his own actions and then renounced the worldly life to become a saint devoted to god.

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