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Saints of India: Tukaram (Part 03)

Life & times of Sant Tukaram - Let us now know more about yet another legend associated with the saint.


Once a Brahmin visited the village where Sant Tukaram lived, to give a discourse of the Ramayana. He wanted to earn some money by doing so, for hos daughter's marriage.

However, he found out about Tukaram's popularity with the villagers and thought that no one would attend his discourse as all would be busy attending Tukaram's kirtans.

However when Tukaram found out about this, he persuaded the brahmin to do his discourse. He not only helped arrange it, but also attended it himself and made all the villagers to attend as well!

Now, there lived a miser in the village who did not want to be part of this as he would then have to pay. So he went out of the village to avoid it.

He also asked his wife to not attend it, but she did.

At the end of the discourse, the organizers went house to house to collect money.

When they reached the miser's house, she couldn't give them any money as the miser had locked all of the cupboards before leaving!

Saddened by this, the woman handed over a broken pot, as that was the only thing she could find in the house.

When the collectors met Tukaram to update him on the collections, as they were handing out the broken pot they joked about how the miser's wife had given a golden pot.

The miser's wife who was nearby, overheard the conversation and felt that she would have definitely given a golden pot to the brahmin if she had one.

And no sooner than Tukaram took the pot in his hands that it turned into a golden one!

Tukaram had read the mind of the woman and that's why he had done what he did!

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