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Saints of India: Tukaram (Part 02)

As seen in our last post, Sant Tukaram and his camaraderie with Shivaji Maharaj is stuff legends are made off.

So let's move ahead in the story and see what happened next...


When the assassins reached the ashram, they were unable to recognise Shivaji since he was under disguise. And so a decision was made that all the people present there would be killed!

And so, Vitthala came to the rescue.

Under the guise of Shivaji, he came out of the ashram, riding a horse. He then ran in the opposite direction of the ashram, towards the forest.

When the assassins saw a figure atop a horse riding away, they assumed it to be Shivaji only, and thus went running behind him, only to lose him somewhere in the dense jungle.

And so were all the innocent devotees including Tukaram were saved by Vitthala!

Later, Shivaji's spies told him about the incident and how someone looking like him was seeing riding into the forest.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at once realised what had happened and once again went to meet Tukaram under disguise and presented him with a bag full of grains to eat and distribute!

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