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Saints of India: Namdev (Part 02)

Saints of India: In this second post on the life and times of Sant Namdev, we will find out another interesting episode in his life revolving around Vitthala and the final samadhi he takes...


A few years later, Namdev got married to a woman named Rajai.

All was well for some time. The family was very poor but Rajai managed to get by with whatever Namdev could bring home.

However, with time, she turned sour and started blaming Namdev for neglecting his duties towards the family for god.

She nagged him to take up a job that would pay better but Namdev considered all these things to be materialistic and kept up his worship of Vitthala constant.

One day, a merchant came to Namdev's house while he was away.

At first, Rajai was embarrassed that she did not have anything to offer to the guest and in a bid to save face tried ways to ask the guest to leave immediately, but the guest wouldn't budge.

After quite some time, it became obvious what Rajai was trying to do when the guest quietly mentioned that he was a friend of Namdev's and had in fact come to give him some money. Saying this he left behind two sacks full of money!

Rajai was left speechless and wanted to apologize for her behaviour but the guest was already gone!

When Namdev came back and she told him the story, he had tears in his eyes - for it was none other than Vitthala himself, who had come down to help his ardent devotee!

On a side note, at the fag end of his life, Namdev decided to take samadhi, along with 13 other members of his family and disciple.

He prayed to Vitthala that he wanted a permanent place near the god, where he could have the dust from the feet of all of his devotees constantly touch him.

Vitthala appeared before him and pointed to a place where he said he could stay.

Namdev, along with 12 members of his family as well as his disciple and another devotee of Vitthala, Janabai, jumped on that area pointed out by Vitthala, and became one with god.

Today, we know this place as the Namdev Payri (Namdev's step), which is a step when one walks up towards the Vitthala Temple at Pandharpur.

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