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Saints of India: Namdev

Saints of India: In this post, we have covered the life and times of the famous female bhakti poet-saint of the Varkari community - Sant Namdev.


Sant Namdev is a well-known name amongst the bhakti saints from the Varkari community of the country.

He was the adopted son of his parents, who had found him floating in the Chandrbhaga river which flowed in the region.

His father was a great Vitthal devotee, and Namdev himself too grew up to be an ardent devotee of the god.

One story goes that, Namdev believed that l Vitthal idol at the nearby temple would actually consume the offering given to him.

Thinking this, one time he kept praying and gave food offerings to the idol and kept waiting for the god to consume it.

However, for a long time that did not happen.

Discouraged by this, Namdev thought that he himself must have committed some mistake while performing the prayers due to which the god was rejecting the offering, and started to cry inconsolably.

Seeing his devotee in distress, Vitthala finally appeared before him, and not just accepted but consumed the offering completely right in front of his eyes!

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