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Saints of India: Mirabai

Saints of India: In this post, we have covered the life and times of the famous female bhakti poet-saint and an ardent Krishna devotee - Mirabai!


Mirabai was one the famous female poet-saints of the Bhakti movement, having devoted her entire life to Krishna.

Mira was born in a royal Rajput family.

As a little child, she had attended a wedding when, looking at the groom, she had questioned her mother on who her groom would be. To this, her mother had replied 'Shri Krishna' as the answer. And ever since then began Mira's lovestory with him.

She devoted her entire time to praying to Krishna, having mentally married him.

However, she was unwillingly married off to Bhoj Raj, the crown prince of Mewar. But, even after this marriage, she refused to accept him as her husband, for she already considered Krishna to be her husband.

She went on to write poetry and perform bhajans for Krishna at the nearby temple.

Her in-laws were extremely displeased with her behaviour, and as per some legends, even tried to kill her - from sending Mira a glass of poison and telling her it was nectar or sending her a basket with a snake instead of flowers.

But every time, she was miraculously saved from all attempts - when the snake turned into flowers or the poison actually turned into prasad.

Mirabai eventually left Mewar to settle in either Dwarka or Vrindavan, where as per legends, she miraculously disappeared by merging into an idol of Krishna.

While Mirabai is no more, her legacy is still alive in the form of her compositions with 'Paayoji maine raam ratan dhan paayo' being one of the more popular ones.

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