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Saints of India: Dnyaneshwar

Sant Dnyaneshwar was a 13th-century saint poet and philosopher belonging to the Varkari sampradaya, and also the brother of the other famous bhakti saints - Nivrittinath, Sopan and Muktabai.

Let us know a little bit more about Sant Dnyaneshwar and the miracles he is believed to have performed...


Sant Dnyaneshwar was a 13th-century saint poet and philosopher belonging to the Varkari sampradaya.

Dnyaneshwar's father, Vitthal, had initially left his wife behind to become an ascetic. He was initiated too, by a guru but later, in meeting the truth, was advised to go back to his wife to fulfill his duties as a householder.

However, when Vitthal came back to his wife, the other brahmins from the community disowned them, because of his past.

Many years passed by, and Vitthal became father to four children - Dnyaneshwar, Sopan, Nivruttinath and Muktabai - all huge devotees of the god Vitthala (Panduranga), but the family still remained excommunicated.

To plead atonement for the sin, the family went to Paithan to meet with the brahmins there, who were at the higher-ups of the brahmin community and whose commands were obeyed by the rest.

While there, Dnyaneshwar and his siblings saw a man violently hitting a buffalo.

Dnyaneshwar requested the man to stop it, as all lives were equal, be it man or animal.

To which the man replied, if that was the case then the animal should also be able to recite the Vedas.

Dnyaneshwar then calmly went up to the animal, and placed his hand on his head.

No sooner was this done than the buffalo started to recite the Vedas in a deep voice!

All the people around were shocked and awed at the same time, including the higher-up brahmins, who then recognising the greatness of Dnyaneshwar, accepted them back into the community.

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