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Race between Ganesha and Kartikeya

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

One time, the devas presented Shiva with a special mango, which once eaten would give the eater, vast knowledge and wisdom. Shiva had a dilemma; whom to give it to from his two sons - Ganesha or Kartikeya? After consulting with Parvati, he decided to race the two against each other. The one who would circle the world thrice first, would be given the mango as the prize!

The siblings were delighted at having yet another game to compete with each other. At once, the slim and lean Kartikeya jumped on his vaahan (vehicle) - the peacock and began the race.

The chubby Ganesha, who had a rat as his vaahan, knew that he was at a disadvantage. After thinking for a while, he calmly climbed on to the rat and took three rounds, of not the world, but his parents Shiva-Parvati! Then, he proceeded to ask Shiva for the mango. They questioned him on his actions when he cleverly mentioned that his parents meant the world to him and therefore he went around them thrice! Impressed with his wit, Shiva declared Ganesha as the winner and gave him the mango.

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