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No sleep for Lakshmana for 14 years. But why?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

This is the story of how Lakshmana did not sleep even one ounce during the entire time in exile, a period of fourteen long years! Read on to know the detailed story…


On the first night of their exile, Rama and his wife Sita were fast asleep in the hut with Lakshmana standing guard at the door. That is when Nidra devi, the goddess of sleep, approached Lakshmana.

He vehemently denied her, mentioning his duty of protecting his older brother and sister-in-law at all times during the exile. Moved by his devotion to them, the goddess agreed.

However, even she could not change the laws of nature. Somebody would have to complete Laxmana's sleep quota for those 14 years! Laxmana then suggested his wife, Urmila's name for the same.

And that is how Laxmana ended up not sleeping at all for 14 years while Urmila slept throughout the day and night as well for that time period!

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