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How did Krishna eventually kill Kansa? | Story of Kansa's death

We all must be quite aware of the story of Krishna's birth, how his tyrant uncle Kansa tries to kill all the children of Devaki, Krishna's mother as soon as they are born but eventually fails to kill Krishna in the same manner. What is more interesting is, how did Krishna then finally slay the evil Kansa? Let us find out more about this story in detail, in the post.


Kansa was a tyrant ruler, who was prophesied to be killed by the eighth child of his sister Devaki.

Frightened by the prophecy, Kansa imprisoned his sister and her husband Vasudev immediately. He also attempted to kill the children that she gave birth to. In this manner, six of Devaki's children were killed by Kansa as soon as they were born.

The seventh child was successfully transferred to the womb of another of Vasudeva's wives through divine intervention, who later grew up to be Balarama. When the chosen eighth child was born, there was divine intervention again, and Vasudev was able to successfully swap the child with the newborn daughter of his dear friend, Nandraja and his wife Yashoda.

Kansa attempted to kill the girl child thinking it to be Devaki's, but it slipped from his hands and told him about his nemesis, growing up safely in a different place.

Krishna grew up as a happy child there but was although aware of the prophecy and his destiny. After a couple of years, Krishna decided to free his parents and defeat Kansa.

Krishna along with brother Balarama finally visited Mathura. Despite Kansa's many powerful soldiers, Krishna's skilful tactics helped him defeat them all. Angered by this, Kansa ordered his attendants to kill Vasudeva, Devaki's husband as well as Ugrasena, his father, for they had sided with Krishna, his enemy. Krishna had had enough of Kansa's stupidity by then, and so he just kept towards the throne of Kansa and grabbing Kansa's neck with his bare hands, crushed the life out of him.

With Kansa's death, Devaki and Vasudeva were freed from their imprisonment, and the people of Mathura rejoiced in Krishna's triumph. Thus, Krishna fulfilled the prophecy and defeated the evil Kansa, bringing peace and happiness to Mathura.

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