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Navratri - 06 - Katyayani Devi

The sixth day of Navratri is dedicated to Katyayani devi. Let us find out who Katyayani devi is, and what her story tells is...


There was once a sage called Katyayan. He had no offspring, but desperately wanted one. Katyayan often prayed to the gods to bless him with a child.

Meanwhile, Mahishasura, the buffalo-asura, was creating havoc and incessantly harassing Indra and the other gods. They went to Vishnu for help.

Vishnu reached out to Brahma and Shiva for their assistance in slaying the demon. It is said that the energies of the Tridev poured out in the form of cosmic light. These energies then combined together and the final light was given a female form by rishi Katyayan. The form was thus given the name - Katyayani.

As the purpose of the goddess was very specific, she was bestowed with various gifts from the devas like the trident from Shiva, Sudarshan Chakra from Vishnu, japmala and kamandalu from Brahma, dart from Agni, bow from Vayu, shankha from Varuna, thunderbolt from Indra, arrows from Surya and so on.

Eventually, Katyayani fulfilled her purpose and killed Mahishasura.

The sixth day of Navratri is dedicated to Katyayani devi and this year the colour of the day is grey.

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