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How Shuka deva, the son of Ved Vyasa was born...

What is the Amar Katha? And how is it related to the birth of Shuka dev, the son of Ved Vyasa? And what exactly is his connection with a parrot, Shiva and Parvati?

Let us find out the story of the Shuka dev's birth in the post...


Once upon a time, Parvati requested Shiva to tell her about Amar Katha or the eternal story. It was a very sacred story which had the power to make anyone who heard it, immortal.

So as Shiva was narrating it to Parvati, she kept responding to him to indicate she was understanding it. However, after some time, she fell asleep. There was a parrot perched atop the tree who was also listening along. He was so immersed in the story that he did not want Shiva to stop, and therefore mimicked Parvati’s response so the Shiva would continue.

After Parvati woke up she was surprised to find the story was over. It was then that the secret of the parrot was found out. Shiva flew into rage at the parrot’s deceit, and tried to kill it. The parrot at once, flew away quickly and reached the ashram of Ved Vyasa. There the wife of the rishi was just yawning when the parrot entered through her mouth and reached her womb! Shiva obvisouly could not kill the innocent wife of the rishi and thus left.

Later, she gave birth to a boy named Shuka (i.e. parrot). who then goes on to become an even more renowned and wise sage than Vyasa.

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