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How Putana the rakshashi, tried to kill Krishna for Kansa...

As per the Garga Samhita and the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, in her previous birth, Putana was Ratnamala, the daughter of the asura king Mahabali. Initially, she had felt affection towards Vishnu's avtara Vamana, who had come visiting the king and desired to have him as her son.

However, when Vamana defeated Mahabali, her affection turned to anger and she wanted to avenge her father's insult by killing him. To fulfill both her desires, she was then born as Putana where she got the chance to have Vishnu's avtara Krishna as a son and breast feed him, as well as attempt to kill him! Let us find out what exactly had happened...


Kansa was a tyrant ruler, who was prophecized to be killed by the eighth child of his sister Devaki. Frightened by the prophecy, Kansa imprisoned his sister and her husband Vasudev immediately.

He also attempted to kill the children that she gave birth to. In this manner six of Devaki's children were killed by Kansa as soon as they were born.

The seventh child was successfully transferred to the womb of another of Vasudeva's wives through divine intervention, who later grew up to be Balrama.

When the chosen eighth child was born, there was divine intervention again, and Vasudev was able to successfully swap the child with the new-born daughter of his dear friend, Nandraja and his wife Yashoda.

Kansa attempted to kill the girl child thinking it to be Devaki's, but it slipped form his hands and told him about his nemesis, growing up safely in a different place

Krishna grew up as a happy child there, unaware about the danger lurking over him.

Meanwhile, Kansa tried all tricks in the book to kill Krishna, but failed miserably each time.

Once he sent a rakshasi named Putana to kill him. Krishna was a small child, and Putana offered to feed him her breast milk, which was poisonous. Unaware about her intentions, the foster parents handed over Krishna to her.

But Krishna, being of divine nature, knew about it and sucked not just poison but the life out of the rakshasi, this foiling yet another murder attempt by Kansa!

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