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How Dhruva became the Pole Star...

The story of Dhruva, also known as the "Pole Star" story, is a the story of a young prince named Dhruva who attained spiritual enlightenment and became the pole star in the sky. The story of Dhruva tara is seen as a tale of perseverance, devotion, and the power of meditation and spirituality. It is also seen as a symbol of hope and guidance, as the pole star has been used for centuries as a navigational tool for travelers.


There once lived a king named Uttanapada, who had two wives. Suruchi, who was the favourite wife while he was indifferent towards the other named Suniti.

One day, Dhruva, the son of Suniti, saw Uttama, the son of Suruchi, seated on the lap of their father, the king. Dhruva desired to be in that place and requested the king.

When the king attempted to lift Dhruva onto his lap, a jealous Suruchi harshly criticized the king and roughly grabbed Dhruva, tossing him onto the ground.

An inconsolable Dhruva went crying to his mother for comfort who advised him to meditate to god, who could help him with what he desired.

Dhruva meditated for several years, facing numerous challenges and temptations, but never gave up. Eventually, his devotion and determination paid off and he was granted an audience with the god Vishnu, who was so impressed by Dhruva's devotion that he granted him a place as the pole star in the sky - a place that no one could ever take away from him. The position of the pole star ensured that Dhruva would always be visible and shine the brightest.

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