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How Ahilya ended being cursed by her own husband, rishi Gautama...

Ahilya was a beautiful and devoted wife of the sage Gautama but was eventually cursed by him by a twist of fate, This story highlights the importance of truth, justice, and devotion in Hindu mythology and serves as an example of how even those who have made mistakes can be redeemed through the grace of the divine. Let us find out the story in detail in the post...


Ahilya was a beautiful daughter of Brahma and a devoted wife of the sage Gautama.

One day, Indra disguised himself as Gautama rishi and approached Ahilya. Ahilya, unable to realise the true identity of the disguised Indra accepted Indra’s advances.

When Gautama returned, he discovered what had happened and was filled with anger and sorrow. He pronounced a curse on Ahilya, saying that she would remain invisible to all and reduced to living as a stone until a great soul came and touched her, freeing her from the curse.

Ahilya felt extremely sorry for her actions and begged for forgiveness, but the curse could not be undone. She was forced to live as a stone, invisible to all and without any physical form.

Years later, prince Rama, an avatar of god Vishnu, was traveling through the forest where Ahilya was trapped.

He came across the invisible Ahilya and was able to recognize her true form. Rama offered to touch her and break the curse, which he did, freeing Ahilya from her stone form and restoring her visibility.

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