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Dashavatara - 08 - Krishna

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The eighth avatar of Vishnu is none other than Krishna.

He had a tyrant for an uncle, the terrible Kansa was an evil autocratic ruler, and Krishna was prophecised to kill him. A scared Kansa had jailed his sister Devaki and her husband and Vasudev, Krishna's parents and would kill all of the children that Devaki gave birth to.

However, with divine intervention, Krishna was born safely and transferred to Nandaraja's house, a friend of Vasudeva's. Also, the just born girl child of Nandaraja was brought back to the prison.

When Kansa came to know about the birth of the eighth child, he came running to kill it. He grabbed the child from Devaki, but it slipped from his hands, floated up towards the sky and told him that his nemesis was safe elsewhere, and would be back to kill him soon.

Krishna had a happy childhood and eventually killed Kansa after he grew up.

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