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Dashavatara - 07 - Rama

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The story of Vishnu's seventh avatar as the heroic Rama is perhaps one of his more famous ones. The epic Ramayana deals with him killing the demon king Ravana for abducting his wife, Sita.

However, the bigger takeaway for us here, is the way Rama conducts himself with humility through the myriad difficulties that life throws at him.

One instance (out of the several worth mentioning!) is towards the end of the war, when Ravana is lying on his death bed. Inspite of everything that had taken place between them, Rama asks Lakshmana to walk up to him with humility and request Ravana to share his vast knowledge with him, thereby acknowledging and respecting the brilliance of Ravana - the learned scholar.

As the Maryada Purushottam (righteous & perfect man) Rama, Vishnu tries to teach us the correct way to live our life honourably and in harmony with others to create an ideal society.

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