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Dashavatara - 03 - Varaha

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

There was once an asura known as Hiranyaksha, the brother of the notorious Hiranya­kashyap.

Hiranyaksha was a big devotee of Brahma, and had performed strict penance to please him.

While Brahma was finally impressed with his efforts, he appeared before him and mentioned that he could grant a wish that the asura desired. Hiranyaksha initially asked for immortality which was refused by Brahma. So, he asked Brahma to make him virtually indestructible from humans and animals. This boon made him very powerful and fierce at the same time.

In a power struggle with the devas, he once plunged the earth deep into the ocean.

Vishnu was the only one who could match his power, and he thus took the form of Varaha (boar). Using his tusks, he dived into the ocean and brought the earth back to its original place. A fierce battle then ensued between him and the asura, which ended with Hiranyaksha's death.

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