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Brawn vs Brain | Why Krishna fought for Pandavas & not Kauravas | Untold stories from Mahabharata

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Before the Kurukshetra war began, both the Kauravas and Pandavas campaigned to get maximum kings and their armies to fight on their side. One such king was their cousin Krishna, king of the mighty Dwarka, who both of them wanted.

When Duryodhana reached Dwarka to meet Krishna, he was resting on his bed. So he stood near his head, waiting for Krishna to wake up. Meanwhile, Arjuna also reached there, and he too waited patiently near Krishna's feet. When Krishna woke up, he asked Arjuna what he wanted. Duryodhana, being aware of what Arjuna would ask for, immediately mentioned that since he had reached there before Arjuna, he should be heard first. Krishna replied that he saw Arjuna first when he opened his eyes therefore he would be given the chance to speak first. Arjuna requested Krishna to be on their side in the war. Duryodhana was quick to interject that this was his request as well. Therefore, Krishna gave them a choice - they could either have his entire army (Narayani Sena) or just him, completely unarmed, as a guide and not a warrior. Arjuna could choose first and he happily chose an unarmed Krishna. Duryodhana, not realising the true power of strategy over strength, thought of Arjuna to be be a fool, and was quite happy at having the army on his side.

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Aman Singh
Aman Singh
05 mei 2022

This is indeed true and this was indeed a turning point in Mahabharat

Reageren op

Yes rightly said. This story gives out many personality traits and also it decides the following course of events :)

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