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Bhishma's Curses - Part 02 | Lizard curses Bhishma

The second ever curse that Bhishma was given was by a lizard!

In this post, we will find out what exactly had transpired...


Once Bhishma as a young man, had set out riding outside the palace on his chariot. Then, he found a huge lizard in the middle of his path. He ordered the lizard to move out of his way, as he was the prince. But the lizard did not bother moving even an inch! This went on for quite sometime. Bhishma was very angry by now, having being hold up by this insignificant creature foe so much time. He ordered him one last time, to move away. The lizard for once, finally reacted. It asked Bhishma to make his way around it! This was it for Bhishma! Letting his ego take control of his actions, he jumped out of the chariot, picked the kizard up and threw it off, not realising where it would land.

The lizard got stuck on to the spikes of a nearby aasana tree. Bhishma started to move ahead on his way when it heard the lizard cry out. He was horrified to find out that the lizard was impaled on the tree, but it was too late to do anything. The lizard's final words before it breathed its last were to curse Bhishma that he would have to go through a similar fate when he died.

And so the curse came true when Bhishma was impaled on a bed of arrows, shot out by Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war, where he eventually chose to give up his life.

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