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Bheema meets Hanuman | Untold stories from the Mahabharata

Another story from the Mahabharata, with pavan putra Hanuman meeting another pavan-putra, Bheema this time around. Let us see what had happened...


When the Pandavas were in exile, Draupadi once asked Bheema to get her some flowers. While he wandered in to forest for that, he came across an old monkey lying down, with his tail right in the middle of Bheema 's way. The proud and arrogant Bheema rudely asked the monkey to move his tail so that he could walk ahead. To this, the monkey requested Bheema to move the tail, as he was quite old, and did not have the energy to do it himself.

Haughtily, Bheema bent down to move the tail, but he could not do so! In fact, he was not able to even lift the tail from the ground, let alone moving it out of the way! That is when it struck him that the monkey was probably not an ordinary one. Realising his folly, he bowed his head to the monkey, begging for forgiveness and also asked him to disclose his true identity. Hanuman stood up at once and revealed his divine form to Bheema. Hanuman intended to teach Bheema a lesson on humility, and this was his way of doing it.

Interestingly, Hanuman and Bheema are brothers in a way, as both are considered pavanputra (son of the wind).

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