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Ashtavinayaka - 07 - Vigneshwara

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

There was once a king called Abhinandana, who performed a sacrifice for the devsa but failed to offer anything to Indra, the king of the devas.

Furious at his actions, Indra ordered Kala (time) to create hurdles for the king. Kala took the form of the evil Vignasura to disrupt the sacrifice. While Vignasure started with this, but unfortunately did not stop there.

He found creating obstacles for others quite enjoyable and went about creating obstacles in yagnas and sacrifices as well.

Now all the various sages who had to face the asura requested Shiva for help. Shiva in turn, pointed them towards Ganesha. Ganesha helped the sages by defeating Vignasura in a fierce battle.

Vignasura thus agreed to dwell only in the areas of vigna (obstacles) - the places where Ganesha is not worshipped. Thus, Ganesha came to be known as Vigneshwara (i.e. Lord of obstacles).

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