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Ashtavinayaka - 06 - Varadvinayak

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Once Parvati, the consort of Shiva, observed that he was deeply engrossed in meditation.

After he was done, she approached him to ask who it was that he was so deeply meditating upon.

Shiva told her that it was Ganesha - the supporter of the entire universe. He also further shared the Ganesha mantra with her, for her to meditate.

With a burning desire to have a son, Parvati decided to pray to Ganesha and ask him to fufill her wish. She underwent intense penance for the same at a place called Lenyadri.

Highly impressed with her efforts, Ganesha appeared before her and asked her for her desire. On hearing what she wanted, Ganesha promised to himself come down as her son.

Later on, Parvati once shaped Ganesha out of clay, which came alive. For a few years initially, Ganesha lived at Lenyadri with Parvati. The place is therefore considered holy.

Interestingly, Girijatmaj means son of Girija, which is another name of Parvati.

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