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Ashtavinayaka - 04 - Varadvinayak

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Once a young and handsome prince called Rukmaganda visited the ashram of a sage called Vachaknavi. The rishi's wife Mukunda, was attracted to the good-looking prince and asked him to fulfill her desires but he refused and left. But she kept pining for him constantly.

Taking pity on her, Indra dev took the form of Rukmaganda & made love to her. Thereafter, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son called Grutsamad.

When Grutsamad found out the truth about his birth, he cursed Mukunda to become the thorny berry-bearing "Bhor" plant. Mukunda in turn cursed Grutsamad, that he would give birth to a rakshas.

Suddenly, there was divine intervention and a voice revealed to them about Indra’s deceit. Mukunda then turned into the thorny bush as per the curse. Grutsamad hurried to the forest to pray to Ganesha for forgiveness.

Pleased with his penance, Ganesha blessed him with a boon that he would bear a son who could only be defeated by Shiva (his father) and nobody else. Grutsamad also requested the Ganesha to bless the forest and take his abode in it, which he agreed.

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