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Ashtavinayaka - 03 - Ballaleshwar

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Once upon a time in a village called Pali, there lived a young boy Ballal who was a huge devotee of Ganesha and loved to perform puja with his friends.

Once he found a very large stone, and convinced his friends to worship it as Ganesha along with him. A lot of time passed by, and the children did not return home as they were completely engrossed in the puja.

Worried, the children's parents complained to Ballal's father about their suspicion that Ballal must, as usual, have led their young children towards some worship of god.

In a fit of rage Ballal's father went out to look for him. Once he found Ballal, he hit him, wounding him severely and also broke the stone to pieces. Ballal bore all the suffering in silence, all the while, silently praying to the god.

Ganesha, pleased with his devotion, appeared before him & asked what he wished for. Ballal requested the God to take abode at his village. Ganesha agreed and also mentioned that he will worshipped there as Ballaleshwar (i.e. Ballal's God).

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